This website started for the Low Rectal Cancer Development programme.  This ran from 2011 - 2014 in England and Wales.  Over 1,200 clinicians from 148 colorectal multi disciplinary cancer teams joined the programme, attended workshops and contributed to data collection.

At the end of the programme the outstanding question was which closure method is most beneficial after extensive abdomino perineal excision.  The Perineal Wound Healing registry was set up in January 2013.  By March 2014, when the database was closed to new cases, 300 patients from 88 hospitals had been entered.  There will be 12 months follow up before the data is analysed.


Transanal-Total Mesorectal Excision Registry

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Colorectal Peritoneal Malignancy Registry

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In June 2014 we came across the next BIG QUESTION - is transanal TME a safe technique for treating bowel cancer?  As more centres across the world use this surgical technique it was agreed that an international registry, gathering data on key patient outcomes, was essential.

By December 2014 over 80 patients from 27 hospitals in 13 countries had been entered.  The intention is to accrue 200 patients before the first analysis which will be carried out by the Churchill Hospital in Oxford.


To register for the TATME Database please e-mail lorec@pelicancancer.org or call 01256 314746.


These databases are secure.  They have security certificates, are hosted on secure servers and all information is pseudonymised.


The LOREC programme aims:

  • To enhance patient-centred MDT decision making
  • To optimise operative technique
  • To diminish post-operative complications and improve quality of life outcomes
  • To improve oncological outcomes
  •  a definition for low rectal cancer.

 Definition of low rectal cancer:

Rectal cancer is bowel cancer that is situated in the lower part of the bowel. The focus of this programme was on cancers found on the lowest section of the rectum.

An MRI-based anatomical definition where the mesorectum tapers at the origin of the levators, at the pelvic sidewall. This usually corresponds to a measurement of within 6 centimetres of the anal verge.


      LOREC Faculty
      PWH Registry Steering Commitee
      TATME Registry Steering Commitee


New video: Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision with the Airseal IFS System

Perineal Wound Healing Registry Presentation

TATME Registry Presentation

Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision (TME) with a stapled side to end anastomosis

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